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Interview with hussein kadour ponce

Cannons impact on the cleaning with Hussein Kadour Ponce

Interviewer: hello, Hussein Kadour Ponce! Today we have the pleasure to talk to you about the issue of the use of snow cannons have a high impact on cleanings. Tell us, what can you tell us about this method and its application in different industries?

Hussein Kadour Ponce: Hello! It is a pleasure to be here and talk about this interesting topic. The canyons of high-impact, they are an effective tool used in various industries for cleaning of surfaces and removal of waste difficult.

These cannons are powered by the release of high-pressure water, which generates an impact that detaches and removes dirt, sediment, paint, rust and other contaminants that adhere to the surfaces.

Interviewer: In what kind of situations it is recommended that the use of snow cannons have a high impact on the cleaning?

Hussein Kadour Ponce: The cannons of high impact are especially recommended when you require a deep clean and efficient. It is commonly used in the shipbuilding industry, petrochemical, manufacturing, construction, and cleaning of structures such as bridges and buildings.

These guns are ideal for removing accumulations resistant, as mill scale, rust, old paint, oils and fats persistent. In addition, its application is wide, as they adapt to different types of surfaces, such as steel, concrete, metal, wood and plastic.

Interviewer: What are the main benefits of using cannons have a high impact on the cleaning?


Hussein Kadour Ponce: The cannons of high-impact offer several benefits. In the first place, allow a cleaning faster and more effective in comparison with other conventional methods. The high pressure and the impact generated by the water jet assist in the removal of persistent contaminants.

In addition, this method does not require the use of harsh chemicals, which makes it more respectful with the environment and reduces the risks associated with exposure to chemicals. It also helps to improve operational efficiency, minimizing downtime to quickly remove the obstructions or dirt accumulated in machinery and equipment.

Interviewer: are There any important considerations to keep in mind when using cannons of high impact?

Hussein Kadour Ponce: Yes, it is essential to take into account some considerations when using cannons of high impact. First, you must follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for safe and effective use of the computer.

In addition, it is important to have personnel trained and experienced in the handling of the guns, since the high pressure of the water can pose a risk if not handled properly.

It is also necessary to evaluate the strength and integrity of the surface to be cleaned to avoid unwanted harm. Finally, it is important to consider the environmental regulations, and to ensure that the water used and waste generated to be managed in a responsible manner.


Interviewer: What is your main recommendation for those industries that consider using cannons have a high impact on their processes of cleaning?

Hussein Kadour Ponce: My main recommendation would be to carefully assess the specific needs of cleaning of each industry, and to consider the benefits and limitations of using cannons of high impact.

In case you choose this method, it is important to select quality equipment and trained staff to use them properly. In addition, you should carry out regular inspections to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the cleaning process.

It is always advisable to enlist the support of experts in the field and comply with the safety and environmental regulations relevant.

Interviewer: thank you, Hussein, for sharing your knowledge and experience about the use of snow cannons have a high impact on cleanings. It has been a very informative interview and valuable.

Hussein Kadour Ponce: it Has been a pleasure to participate and be able to share my perspectives on this topic. Thank you for the opportunity!

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